OLD PAINT DUO, self titled debut album, released May 10, 2019. Produced and engineered by Tad Ruszel, in Victoria BC.

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  1. Which One Is To Blame (Robert Charlebois/Sunny Dull/Redd Stewart Ridgeway Music Co. Inc)
  2. They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me (Leon Payne, Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music, arr Bobby Hicks)
  3. Carolina Snowfall (Miriam Sonstenes)
  4. The Letter (Miriam Sonstenes)
  5. Closer By The Hour (Albert Gore, Universal Sawgrass Music)
  6. Big River Breakdown (Miriam Sonstenes)
  7. Are You Teasing Me (Charlie & Ira Louvin, Acuff Rose Music)
  8. Goodnight Belgium (Miriam Sonstenes)
  9. Down In San Antonio (Gregory Marlow/Terrence Orff/James Sidlo BMI)
  10. Madison County Waltz (Miriam Sonstenes)
  11. *Pretty Little Widow (From Oscar “Red” Wilson)* CD bonus track





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Old Paint Duo, Old Paint Duo, Independent

Some of the greatest roots music has been done by duos. Think of Gram and Emmylou, The Everly Brothers, the Louvin Brothers, and so on. Victoria’s Old Paint Duo is not out of place on this illustrious list.

The duo of Jeff Dill and Miriam Sonstenes, who is known to roots music aficionados as a member of The Sweet Lowdown, have created a tasty gem of an album. Their voices blend seamlessly with harmonies that seem attainable only by siblings or spouses. They cover a nice range of tunes from the Louvin Brothers’ Are You Teasing Me, to the country swing classic Down In San Antonio, and a few original songs that more than hold their own.

Sonstenes’ fiddling, replete with double stops, is some of the best coming out of the West. She studied under the great Bobby Hicks, who Bill Monroe called “the truest fiddler he had ever heard,” and it shows. Her composition Madison County Waltz, which is dedicated to Hicks and played on a five – string fiddle, has a melody that makes it destined to be a classic in its own right.

Some of Victoria’s great musicians, including mandolinist Jesse Cobb, and Miles Zurawell on banjo, make guest appearances, but the heart of this album is the duo, who just sound so darned good together.

Mike Sadava